‘The ignorant man is not the unlearned, but he who does not know himself. Understanding self comes only through self-knowledge, which is awareness of one's total being. Thus education, in the true sense, is the understanding of oneself, for it is within each one of us that the whole of existence is gathered’- J.Krishnamurti

Trying to know the world around without knowing oneself causes misery, conflicts and confusion. Present day education has failed to deliver because we are cultivating capacities and efficiencies without helping student experience life as a whole where we need to understand our thoughts and desires too. We need to understand the complex ways of our lives. The constant pressure of society about ‘career first and everything else later’ must be reversed. It has been proved that wherever money becomes a predominant factor, it creates an imbalance in our daily lives. Our mind starts functioning along narrow grooves, be it the sphere of philosophy, religion, academics or technology and it becomes limited,

narrow and incomplete. Our life becomes mechanized, our mind becomes standardized and every system of society including our education starts dictating towards What we should become rather than What we are! This results in stunted growth of a learner and erosion of values takes place. Most thoughtful people are, naturally, aware of this process but unfortunately, seem to have accepted and learnt to live with it.

So onus , once again, falls on educators to awaken the heart, which is not sentimental, romantic or imaginary but of goodness that is born out of love and affection and with cultivation of body, right kind of food, proper exercise, it does bring in deep sensitivity. When these three -Body, mind and soul (heart) are in complete harmony, the flowering of a child comes naturally, easily and in excellence.

School should be a place of leisure for students. Leisure,that implies a mind free from burden of any sort. It means a time, a period when mind is not occupied and is free to observe. A free observation is actually a moment of learning. In the observation of a child the educator is to plant a seed of goodness and awaken learner to the self or facilitate flowering. At The Lakewood School, We stand committed to facilitate this awakening in every learner.

Mrs. Sunita Babu