What is the best way to live? Why be moral when immoral people seem to benefit more? Is happiness satisfying one’s desires or is it virtuous activity?

“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom,” said Socrates.

As long as there is a mind that earnestly seeks to explore and understand the world, there will be opportunities to expand one’s consciousness and achieve an increasingly happier mental state. True education thus is to make human beings curious. It is to teach one to think intensively and critically and to stay virtuous even in the midst of heightened activity. It is to contribute to and not withdraw from this world’s collaborative bank of civilisation its riches of humanity, unity and perpetual evolution. We at the Lakewood School, believe it all starts with the camaraderie of teacher and pupil which lends itself best to the fellowship of keen minds and contemplation of higher order abstractions. In the act, helping our students to realize their innate individual talent and plant them in an environment where blossoming is inevitable.

The dimensions of pedagogy have seen immense changes from time to time. Contrary to the traditional schooling method, researchers have found out that average children become educated through their own play and exploration, without constant adult direction or prodding, and go on to be fulfilled, effective adults in the larger culture. True education is in marrying the practical to the theoretical. If instead of providing mere direction and prodding, the school provides a rich setting within which to play, explore, and experience democracy first hand;the impact of learning would be lifelong. This exactly is the school of thought we bank on. At the Lakewood School every child is considered to be a jewel and every teacher an artisan. We believe in raising individuals with a happy mental disposition ready to adapt, mould, change, reshape and reconstruct the environment they thrive in thus adding value to it.

The Lakewood School dedicates itself each day to spark individuality and self-awareness in each child so that they identify their forte and overcome their shortcomings. Contrary to the traditional thought, we want our pupils to know that life need not be difficult always and that they can attract abundance with a perfect balance of the head and the heart. Self-awakening, we believe is the fulcrum of a successful and prosperous life. This we wish to achieve through comprehensive educational programmes complemented with state-of-the-art infrastructure and numerous opportunities to excel in sports, skilled activities and people skills which would augment and magnify their transient earthly experience.

I warmly invite you to explore our world at the Lakewood School as we pledge unflinching endeavour to handhold the future of this youngest nation, to ignite new passions and to revivify the human soul.

Dr. Narotam Singh